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Heroes Animated

Bringing Icons to Life

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What We're All About

heroes_animated is an icontest community that focuses solely on animated icons. Many other icontest do not allowed animated icons. This is a place where you can showcase your animated work.

-Each week I will post either a still or a specific focus that the icon must include. Your icon MUST be animated.
-Your animation can be flashing text, mini movie, etc.
-Post your icon as a comment to the challenge post. You may submit up to THREE icons.
-All comments are screened for anonymous entering. Please do not post your icons elsewhere until the results have been posted.

Monday: New Challenge added
Friday: Challenge closes, voting open
Sunday: Voting closes and winners posted
The Icon

-Your icon must fit LJ’s standards. 100x100, 40kB max.
-Post both img and url versions of your icon using a reliable server. Try photobucket or imageshack.
-Your icon must be animated.
- Entries should look like this::

Challenges will last one week. At the end of the week, I will post the voting. Please vote for the three best icons in order. No self love.

Point system is as follows::
1st place vote = 5 points
2nd place vote = 3 points
3rd place vote = 1 point

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